To End Misogyny, Patriarchy and Violence Against Women

FEMEN Protest Violence Against Women In Turkey

“I am angry for all the hundreds of thousands of other women who continue to be violated in ways much worse than I was, and yet have no platform for sharing their experience. I want to move beyond my privilege to remember the millions of women who have none. I know nothing frightens Islamists and the equally misogynistic secular men of our societies more than the demand for women’s rights and sexual freedoms — and that is ultimately what our double revolution must achieve.

Why do those men hate us? They hate us because they need us, they fear us, they understand how much control it takes to keep us in line, to keep us good girls with our hymens intact until it’s time for them to fuck us into mothers who raise future generations of misogynists to forever fuel their patriarchy. They hate us because we are at once their temptation and their salvation from that patriarchy, which they must sooner or later realize hurts them, too. They hate us because they know that once we rid ourselves of the alliance of State and Street that works in tandem to control us, we will demand a reckoning.

The battles over women’s bodies can be won only by a revolution of the mind.”

-Mona Eltahawy


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